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the design of everyday home technologies for People with dementia

Participate in a Research Study

Currently, there is very little information on everyday technology use by people with dementia, so your participation could be a great help to improving design.

This study involves two participants: a person with dementia who lives at home; and someone like a family member who is very familiar with the technology use of the person with AD. We are studying how everyday home technologies are used, including the needs and device characteristics that are important to you as users and the strategies you adopt when challenges during use arise. 

We would like to meet you both, if you are:

  • Someone with mild-moderate dementia, who lives at home and sometimes finds  everyday technologies challenging to use
  • Someone, such as a family member, who is familiar with the patterns of technology use of your relative

Would both of you be interested in helping improve the design of future technologies?

Possible technologies could include: TVs, stoves, computers, phones, cameras, coffee makers and so on.

Inclusion Criteria

To participate, you need to live within 200 kms of Toronto, Ontario and both be able to communicate in English.

For the person with dementia: 

  • I will visit you in your home where you will demonstrate and discuss 3 or 4 technologies that you use. It is fine if you experience some challenges while operating a device or technology - our focus is on the design of the technology.
  • I will audio tape our discussion and take photos of the technologies and your surroundings.
  • I will not take photos of you personally. Should you appear in any photos, I will alter the photo to ensure you cannot be identified.
  • Someone like a family member or caregiver, who will agree to participate in an interview, needs to be home while I visit.

For the family member/caregiver: 

  • I will ask about the technologies that are demonstrated by the person with dementia and, together, we will complete a short survey.
  • I will audio tape our discussion. 
Other information you should know
  • I will be visiting you in your home with a research assistant. The home visit may take 1 hour, but could take longer.
  • Quotes from the discussions may be used in academic publications or in displays or presentations at universities or similar places.
  • This study has been approved by the University of Toronto Ethics Board (#30319)
  • Pairs of participants who complete the study will receive a $50 gift card.

If you are interested in participating, please contact me (Tiz Jiancaro). We will first set up a time to talk more about this study. Then we’ll agree on a convenient time for the home visit.

Together, we can work towards improving the design of home technologies and, ultimately, help people with dementia live at home in the best manner possible.

This research is part of the People and Technology at Home (PaTH) Project.

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Tizneem (Tiz) Jiancaro
Phone: 416.964.8573

Research Team

Tizneem Jiancaro, Ph.D.. Candidate (University of Toronto)

Alex Mihailidis, Ph.D. P.Eng. (University of Toronto)