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IATSL develops assistive technology that is adaptive, flexible, and intelligent, enabling users to participate fully in their daily lives. Learn more about our research

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Toronto, Canada

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Our Research Team


Alex Mihailidis, PhD, PEng
Director / Associate Professor

University of Toronto & Toronto Rehabilitation Institute 

Babak Taati, Ph.D., P.Eng.


Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Rosalie Wang, Ph.D., OT

Assistant Professor & Affiliate Scientist

University of Toronto & Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Research Manager

Bing Ye, M.Sc.

University of Toronto & Toronto Rehabilitation Institute

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Narges Armanfard (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Ahmed Bilal Ashraf (Computer Science)

Charlene Chu (Occupational Therapy)

Elham Dolatabadi (IBBME)

Emilie M.D. Jean-Baptiste (Computer and Systems Engineering)

Shehroz Khan (Computer Science)

Nima Najmaei (Robotics)

Abdul Qadir (Occupational Therapy)

Pooja Viswanathan (Computer Science)

PhD Students

Chao Bian (IBBME)

Isaac Chang (IBBME)

Justin Chee (IBBME)

Tuck-Voon How (IBBME)

Amy Hwang (GDRS)

Tizneem Jiancaro (IBBME/GDRS)

Camille Williams (GDRS)

Aaron Yurkewich (IBBME)

Masters Students

Azin Asgarian (Computer Science)

Shabnam Haghzare (IBBME)

Zain Hasan (IBBME)

Tricia Jose (IBBME)

Michael Li (IBBME)

Addison Rich (IBBME)

Research Developers /Therapists / Assistants

Sayeh Bayat

Marge Coahran

Cindy Ho

Lydia Yeung

Cathy Zhu

Partners and Collaborators

Sonya Allin (Computer Science)

Jennifer Boger, Ph.D., P.Eng. (Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo, Associate Schlegel Chair in Technology for Independent Living, Research Institute for Aging)

Craig Boutilier, Ph.D. (Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Toronto)

Geoff Fernie, Ph.D., P.Eng., C.Eng., FCAHS (Institute Director, Research, Toronto Rehabilitation Institute-UHN)

Debbie Hébert (Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto)

Jesse Hoey, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo[& former IATSL postdoc])

Pascal Poupart, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo)

Frank Rudzicz, Ph.D. (University of Toronto)

James Tung, Ph.D. candidate (University of Waterloo)

Lab Alumni

Ahmad Akl (IBBME)

Tanya Alves (OT)

Amaya Arcelus (HCTP)

Ali Asadian (Control and Robotics)

Yuhdai Ashida (IBBME)

Meghan Badun (OS&OT)

Momotaz Begum (TRI)

Michael Belshaw (MASc, Intelligent Systems and Software Developer)

Samantha Bergeron (OT)

Axel von Bertoldi (MASc Robotics, Developer)

Manas Bhatnagar (IBBME)

Justin Bimbrahw (Research Developer)

Stefanie Blain (PhD, GDRS)

Bruno Bouchard (Professor of Computer Science, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi [& former IATSL postdoc])

Amanda Calvin (Research Assistant)

Fiona Campbell (Engineering Science)

Marcelle Canido (RA, Gerontology Student)

Brent Carmichael (MASc Biomedical Engineering)

Monika Champ (MScOT)

Alexander Chen (Computer Engineering)

Howard Chiam (IBBME)

Belkacem Chikhaoui (Computer Science)

Amy Cockburn (MScOT)

Aoife Conway (Admin)

Tammy Craig (GDRS)

Stephen Czarnuch (IBBME)

Abigail Dry (MScOT)

Bernice D'Souza (Research Occupational Therapist)

Yulia Eskin (Computer Science)

Fabrizio Farronato

Kate Fenton, (MFA, Clinical Trials Coordinator)

Andrew Ferrazzutti (BSc, Engineering Science)

Anna Flagg (Applied Mathematics, Summer student)

Geneviève Foley (IBBME)

Amanda Garnett (MScOT)

David Giesbrecht, (MSc, Intelligent Systems and Software Developer)

Steph Green (GDRS)

Mona Gridseth

Lata Grover (Clinical Eng.)

Dan Gunn (Computer Science Student)

Tiffany Hastoo (MScOT)

Marcia Hopcraft (MScOT)

Rajibul Huq (IBBME)

Yani Ioannou (Comptuer Science)

Simon Jin (ECE)

Kadeen Johns

Dina Kalales (MScOT)

Patricia Kan (IBBME)

Chaim Katz (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Ryan Keyfitz

Karim Koreitem (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Diane Kostka (IBBME)

Laura Krones (MScOT)

Christopher Lai (Undergraduate Student)

Kovida Lam (OT)

Paul Lam (M.Sc. IBBME)

Tracy Lee (Research Assistant / Engineer)

Regina Leung (IBBME)

Valerie Leuty (OS&OT)

Zhonghai Li (Postdoc, Human Factors Engineering)

Michael Lim (Research Assistant)

Shayne Lin (Undergraduate Student)

Jenny Lo (Human Biology Programs)

John-Paul Lobos, BSE (Computer Science, Waterloo)

Catherine Longley (MScOT)

Leslie Louvelle (Engineering Science)

Elaine Lu (IBBME)

Michael Maclennan (Engineering Science)

Jyoti Mann (Kinesiology)

Melinda McLean (MSc Clinical Engineering - IBBME)

Lyndsay McTaggart (MScOT)

Marierose Mendiola (MScOT)

Victor Monroy (IBBME)

Jennifer Morin (MScOT)

Carolyn Niu (Clinical Engineering Internship, IBBME)

Paul Oramasionwu (IBBME)

Stephen Oung (Engineering Science)

Gemma Parra (IBBME)

Stephanie Peacock (MScOT)

Jonathan Pearce (Undergraduate Student)

Rajjeet Phull (IBBME)

Harry Qiu (IBBME)

Munirah Quraishi (MScOT)

Sharon Ravindran (Undergraduate Student)

Nick Reed (Occupational Therapy)

Christelle Ribaille (MScOT)

Jacob Ritchie (Engineering Science)

Neil Rittenhouse (MASc, IBBME)

Frank Rudzicz, (Ph.D. Computer Science)

Amanpreet Saini

Angela Samson (OT)

Harminder Sandhu (IBBME)

Mohammed Sardar

Lindsay Scott (BA, Clinical Trials Assistant)

Cynthia Eunyoung Shin (Engineering Science)

Jorge Silva (PhD, IBBME)

Vithurry Sivaloganathan

Jasper Snoek (PhD, Computer Science)

Kelly Spence (MScOT)

Tyrone Strangway

Jackie Swartz (MScOT)

Tony Tam (MASc Clinical Engineering - IBBME)

Joel Tan

Jessica Thompson (MScOT)

Jonathan Tomkun

Helen Tsang (Industrial Engineering)

Naomi Turcotte (MScOT)

Katrinka-Lee Turgeon (RA, Occupational Therapist)

Rachel Twiss (Computer Science)

Szymon Wartak (Computer Science Student)

Tahir Wasim (IBBME)

Patrick Weiss (Institute of Computer Engineering, University of Lübeck)

Rozanne Wilson (PhD, Speech Language Pathology)

David Xue (IBBME)

Vicky Young (GDRS / IBBME)